The ILH currently has twelve research groups from the mechanical engineering (ME) and natural sciences (NC), departments’ chemistry and physics. These include teams that focus on specific materials such as metals, polymers, fibre reinforced composites and hybrid materials or address the interfaces of materials. Others concentrate on technology and processing or on simulation and special investigation methods. This combination of diverse expertise is the basis for complex research issues of hybrid systems, because at the ILH we consider the entire product life cycle of hybrid systems. This extends from material development, product and product system development, production and simulation to repair and recycling concepts.

The following research groups belong to the ILH

In addition, the ILH collaborates with partners from other disciplines of Paderborn University and has access to a network of industry partners.

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Eleven research groups of departments of mechanical engineering, chemistry and physics collaborate in the ILH.

The professors, a representative of the scientific staff, a representative of the technical staff and a representative of the students are members of the Executive Board.

The work of the ILH is supported by a scientific advisory board made up by persons of industry, science or other areas of public life. The advisory board of the ILH meets once a year.

The managing director Dr. Silvia Dohmeier-Fischer coordinates and manages the activities of the ILH.


The ILH is integrated in a wide network with partners from research and industry and presents results also at international fairs.