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Profile of the Institute

The Institute has eleven research groups. Other associated partners from different disciplines at the University of Paderborn are the first competend contacts for collaborative projects. For the fundamental understanding of the interactions within the product life cycle of hybrid systems four research fields have been defined. As seen in the figure to the right, the research areas are divided into special subjects of our experienced researchers.

In ILH the entire product life cycle of hybrid systems is considered. This extends to the strategic product planning, product and product system development, the production, the simulation to repair and the recycling concepts.

The NRW Forschungskolleg "Leicht - Effizient - Mobil"

One of the first six colleges funded by the state North Rhine-Westphalia is the NRW Forschungskolleg "Leicht - Effizient - Mobil" (Research College "light - efficient - mobile"). Since August 2014 a group of young PhD students of the falculties of engineering, natural and social sciences is working on technological developments of lightweight solutions in a social context.
Integrated in a diverse research and teaching program research topics, traditions and working methods related to other disciplines are met. Collective workshops and regular exchange of knowledge point out the interfaces of their the research topics and lead to multidisciplinary results.

Executive board

The professors, a representative of the academic staff, a representative of the other employees and a representative of the students are members of the executive board.

The advisory board

The work of the ILH is supported by a scientific advisory board. According to the statutes the advisory board consists of of persons of industry, science or other areas of public life. The advisory board of the ILH meets once a year.

Research groups of the ILH

Eleven research groups of the areas of mechanical engineering, chemistry and physics collaborate in the ILH.

ILH Team

Scientists of every research group meet regulary to exchange information.

The University for the Information Society