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Research Groups within the ILH

Within the ILH, seven groups of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and four groups of the Faculty of Science (Department of Chemistry and Department of Physics) cooperate and bundle their resources and know how.

Coatings, Materials & Polymers

The research of the working group Bremser (Coatings, Materials & Polymers) is focused on the synthesis of polymers, particles and hybrid systems, which are used both for coatings and for different materials.

Dynamics of Condensed Matter

The chair deals with the study of hydrogen-rich systems in condensed phases (liquids, solids and supramolecular systems).

Polymer Engineering Paderborn

Today the Polymer Engineering Paderborn (KTP) stands for almost 30 years of successful research and development of manufacturing processes in the field of plastics.

Laboratory of Materials and Joining...

The Laboratory of Materials and Joining Technology (LWF) is a nationally and internationally recognized research institute with a focus on the fields of joining technology and materials technology.

Engineering Mechanics

The Chair of Engineering Mechanics (LTM) investigates in experiments, modelling and numerical methods with efficient simulation of large-dimension finite element structures with innovative materials.

Forming and Machining Technology

Today, forming technology can be the key to the efficient and ecological manufacture of innovative products with great usability.

Materials Science

The major objective of research of the chair of materials science (LWK) is the examination of the relationships between the production processes, the process induced microstructural characteristics and its resulting technical properties focuses primarily metallic materials.

Automotive Lightweight Design

The activities of the chair for Automotive Lightweight Design (LiA) include the design and interpretation of lightweight components, the calculation and simulation as well as the experimental verification of research results.

Nanopatterning Δ Nanoanalysis Δ Photonic...

The Chair “Nanopatterning, Nanoanalysis, Photonic Materials” analyzes and develops methods enabling the fabrication of nanopatterned solid surfaces.

Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry...

The chair of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry (TMC) focuses its research on theoretical/experimental understanding of molecular adhesion, surface chemistry and interfaciale electrochemistry, nanostructured surfaces and interfaces, functionality and stability of polymer/oxide/metal-interfaces...

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