DMB - Data Man­age­ment in Mech­an­ic­al En­gin­eer­ing

The Division of Data Management in Mechanical Engineering (DMB) has a focus on topics such as additive manufacturing, data organization and analytics, which are interconnected at the intersection of data-driven design and development. This opens up interdisciplinary research areas in the fields of data management, design, semantic technologies, and sustainable product development.

We research the methodological approaches as well as processes for the structured acquisition, elaboration and storage of data and information throughout the entire product life cycle. The data and information organised with the help of PLM, PDM and FDM systems are to be specifically fed back into design and product development and used for product generation development. The data-driven simulation and development methods investigated include procedures for planning, quality control, life cycle assessment and data analysis, including the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

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Sustainable product development is presently prevalent in various research contexts. Owing to the new manufacturing processes used for lightweight construction, there are often still insufficient research scenarios for the use of the resulting data to achieve the goals of sustainable development. The issue of semantic relationships between plant and quality data to modify design data is the starting point for research approaches. Which data can be used to what extent and what conclusions can be drawn from this are tasks that the DMB's specialist group is working on.

Meth­od­ic­al com­pet­ence

  • Product development and design
  • Component optimisation and optimisation algorithms: SIMP, BESO, IZEO
  • Artificial neural networks and machine learning: CNN, GAN, ANN, GNN, VAE
  • Statistical methods of data analysis
  • Quality control methods
  • Development of knowledge management systems and data management systems
  • Semantic networking of process- and product-related data through ontologies
  • Life cycle assessment
  • Simulation and design software tools: SolidWorks, HyperMesh, Optistruct, Nastran, nTopology, Synera (formerly ELISE)


  • Additive manufacturing
  • Potential analysis
  • Planning
  • Design rules
  • Function integration
  • Data-driven product development
  • Product and process data management
  • Collection and analysis of data and information from the entire product life cycle
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Quality management
  • Sustainability calculation
  • Process chain optimisation

Prof. Dr. Iryna Mozgova

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Prof. Dr. Iryna Mozgova

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