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Fields of research

The diverse research topics represented at the ILH can be divided into four research fields.


  • Materials and Interfaces
  • Production engineering and processes
  • Modeling
  • Methods

The methodology includes a modelling technique, a process model and methods for foresight, planning and analysis of the concepts.


Materials and Interfaces

Our research on high-performance materials addresses material behaviour on different size scales.



Forming technology, joining and assembly technology as well as plastics technology are central areas of manufacturing technology at ILH.


Simulation technology

Simulation technology is essential to minimize costs for time-consuming and expensive experiments.


Our core competencies at a glance

simulation | materials testing | analytics | sample production


  • Miniaturisierung der Materialsynthese
  • Fügezelle
  • Organoblechpresse
  • Hochgeschwindigkeitsprüfsystem
  • Spritzgießanlage GitBlow
  • Doppelschneckenextruder

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