De­part­ment of Form­ing and Ma­chin­ing Tech­no­logy

Today, forming technology can be the key to the efficient and ecological manufacture of innovative products with great usability. Therefore, research at the LUF (Department of Forming and Machining Technology) focuses on developing new and improved metal forming processes. Our work is concentrates on the investigation and design of processes, tools and machines for the flexible and efficient manufacture of metal parts from sheets and profiles.

Exemplary processes are:

  • medium-based forming processes: rigid tools are replaced or assisted by fluids, e.g. hydro-forming
  • incremental forming processes: a part is shaped by the tool kinematic using universal tools

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Meth­od­o­lo­gic­al com­pet­ence

  • Forming technology (presses, tools)
  • Forming analysis
  • Friction measurement
  • Thermographie
  • Heat treatment
  • Material characterization (strength, hardness)


Hybrid materials

  • Combined forming of hybrid parts from steel and CFRP
  • Process chains for hybrid steel-CFRP-parts
  • Tools for the combined forming of steel and CFRP

Incremental forming

  • Thermal assisted incremental forming of tubes and sheets with process-integrated heat generation (friction spinning)
  • Internal Flow-Turning – An innovative process for the manufacture of semi-finished steel products for lightweight design with a varying wall thickness and mechanical properties


  • Hydro-forming of sheets and profiles


  • Pneumo-mechanical forming of sheets and profiles
  • Electro-hydraulical forming of sheets and hybrid materials
  • High-speed-forming

Press hardening

  • Production of ultra high-strength steel parts

Prof. Wern­er Homberg

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Homberg

Institute for Lightweight Design with Hybrid Systems

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