Organigramm als Haus mit den elf Fachgruppen des ILH

ILH Research Groups

Eleven professors from Paderborn University and their teams from the disciplines of mechanical engineering, chemistry and physics pool their expertise in the ILH.

The ILH team maintains a lively exchange at the level of the scientific staff.

Coatings, Materials and Polymers | CMP

The Bremser group focuses on synthesising polymers, particles and hybrid systems that can be used for coatings as well as for various materials.

Personen der Fachgruppe Datenmanagement im Maschinenbau stehen auf einer Treppe.

Data Management in Mechanical Engineering | DMB

The Division of Data Management in Mechanical Engineering (DMB) conducts research in the fields of additive manufacturing, data organisation and data analytics.

Eine Gruppe steht auf einer Treppe.

Kunststofftechnik Paderborn | KTP

Research and development at Kunststofftechnik Paderborn revolves around polymers as innovative materials.

Group photo of the LWF on a staircase of the Audimax of Paderborn University

Laboratory for Material and Joining Technology | LWF

The focus of the institute is on joining technology, both for pure material combinations and especially for hybrid joints, as well as materials technology.

Engineering Mechanics | LTM

The Chair of Engineering Mechanics focuses on experiments, modelling and numerical methods.

Forming and Machining Technology | LUF

Today, forming technology is often the key to the efficient and resource-saving production of innovative, novel products with high utility value.

Gruppenbild der Mitarbeitenden des LWK im Labor

Materials Science | LWK

The main focus of the Department of Materials Science (LWK) is to investigate the relationships between manufacturing processes, the microstructure of the components produced by these processes and the technical properties derived from them.

Mitarbeitende des Lehrstuhls für Leichtbau im Automobil stehen vor dem Y-Gebäude auf dem Campus der Uni Paderborn

Automotive Lightweight Design | LiA

The Chair researches innovative solutions for automotive lightweight design with a focus on ultra-high-strength metallic materials, fibre-reinforced materials and hybrid materials.

Nanopatterning - Nanoanalysis - Photonic Materials | NNP

Methods for the production of nanostructured solid surfaces are investigated at the Chair of Nanostructuring, Nanoanalytics and Photonic Materials.

Eine Gruppe von Mitarbeitenden steht auf der Wiese vor einem Unigebäude

Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry | TMC

The Chair of Technical and Macromolecular Chemistry focuses its research on molecular adhesion, interfacial chemistry, stability of polymer/oxide/metal interfaces and self-healing processes.