At the ILH re­search build­ing, we warmly wel­come Prof Dr Al­ex­an­der Schlüter!

Alexander Schlüter has been a new lecturer at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering since January 2024. The newly established endowed professorship was created in collaboration with the Bette family business from Delbrück. Prof. Schlüter's Chair of Sustainable Industrialisation and Resilient Infrastructure conducts interdisciplinary research into the holistic approach to energy supply, production processes and products over their entire life cycle. Research topics are

  • Climate, energy and resource efficient production
  • Sustainable transformation of industrial enterprises
  • Circular economy
  • Energy security and resilient energy transport for manufacturing industries

The chair is located in research building Y, in close proximity to the ILH departments of Automotive Lightweight Design, Materials Science and Coatings, Materials and Polymers.

In lightweight design, materials and products are developed with a view to material efficiency. If a product is lighter, resources are saved. This applies not only to the quantity of materials or raw materials, but also to the energy required in the manufacturing process and in the use phase. Professor Schlüter looks at production processes from an energy point of view. We are looking forward to his research ideas, perhaps in interdisciplinary cooperation with the ILH.


Prof. Dr Alexander Schlüter, Office Olga Janzen