Injection moulding machine from Engel


In addition, there are further plants in the laboratories of Kunststofftechnik Paderborn.

In­jec­tion mould­ing ma­chine from En­gel Aus­tria GmbH

Technical specification:

  • All-electric injection moulding machine (type: e-motion 200/100, Engel Austria GmbH).
  • Screw diameter 30 mm; L/D ratio 20.5
  • Clamping force 1000kN
  • Gravimetric metering (Type: DDW-MD2-DDSR20/28-5, Brabender Technologie KG)
  • Mechanical premixing (type: MISCHER DX4, digicolor GmbH)

Application as direct injection moulding compounding (SGDC)

  • Compounding and injection moulding are combined in one process
  • Plastic formulations are prepared and processed into the component in one process step
  • Less damage to fillers and reinforcing materials leads to improved mechanical properties

Accelerated formulation development with SGDC

  • New plastic formulations are developed quickly, efficiently and economically
  • Formulations are tailor-made according to the product properties
  • Resource conservation through reduced material and energy use in formulation development

Resource efficiency as a production process

  • Transport costs and emissions are reduced through the sourcing of basic materials
  • Intermediate steps (packaging, storage, commissioning) are eliminated in the transport chain
  • Potentially high energy savings at the economic level, as the plastic is only melted once
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Dr.-Ing. Florian Brüning

Plastics Technology and Plastics Processing

Chief Engineer

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